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ahhhh i could not be happier with what the five of us have pulled off and accomplished!! i couldnt have asked for better teammates, you guys really are soooo great and im soooo proud of all of us!! i know we couldnt have done it without tom, our class, our sponsors, our venue, and our family and friends but its still feel so great to have set our mind on a goal and exceed it!! i cannot wait to present tomorrow…so we will meet at 6 tonight and finish up the video…erin ian and i have been working on it for a few days now editing, jason i know you started up with our blog assessment and colleen you are doing that paper for horne so tonight lets brings all of our money to the meeting and finish everything up as a team!!! we should also get thank you emails written up sometime before we leave for break and we need to get in contact with ashley to bring her the money and set up our wish child!!!! ah i cannot wait and i think this is best being involved with the wish child from the start of granting their wish, so after break will be the best timing for all of us!!! hope finals are not killing you guys and see you soon!! -Ry

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Raffle at Staff Lunch   3 comments

We ran with Dr. Lenon’s idea and sold raffle tickets at today’s staff lunch at their retreat. Today, we raised the necessary funds and have now surpassed our goal of $6,500!!!!!!


Congrads Dare to Dream, our hard work has finally paid off!!!!!



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Dean Lenon gave Jason and I a nice idea but i dont know if we want or need to go through with it. Tomorrow, Monday the 12th, the business school is having an event off campus for all the professors. There is a series of meetings and lunches that all professors will be attending. This will be a great networking opportunity.
Dean Lennon suggested that we do some kind of raffle at noon during the lunch time. I would assume we could raffle some of the items that we still have. But this is just an idea and I will need to inform her if we want to do it or not. Once again I will not be able to make this because of my Exam, but some of you guys might.

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hey everyone! today i worked on editing the video we took at RiRa.  I was working on it for over three hours and finished about 5 minutes of it. so it takes a long time (especially because we took so much footage) but! it looks really cute so far and i’m excited to show it to you guys.

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selling raffle tickets at Whiskeys   Leave a comment

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advertising in ray for Whiskers for Wishes   Leave a comment

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organizing for our Wishfest event at RiRa   Leave a comment


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